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Google is working on a lighter version of Android OS for feature phones


Google is working on a lighter version of Android OS for feature phones

Google has done many great things in our world Google has always helped us and bring new ways on innovation and developed our world. there are many innovative works done by Google, from the ancient time to till now Google is one of the main sources of development for our world.

In Smartphone sector Google had done a great job, Google has introduced its Os as Android which is used by many Smartphone Brands and Android is very successful looking to other Os that are out in the market.

But have we ever thought about an Android Os for an old feature phone with smaller displays and a separate keypad for typing?

Image result for android on feature phones

yes, Google has been working on its new lighter version of Android Os for feature phones which will surely gonna upgrade the experience of feature phone and will make feature smartphones more usable and innovative.

Google has leaked an image of the feature phone which shows that the phone is running on an Android Os and has a G-cam, chrome, youtube and a Google assistant on the screen and looks interesting.

in the future soon we will be getting an Android Os on the upcoming feature phones.

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